A Check Up and Ultrasound During 18th Week of Pregnancy

During your 18th week of pregnancy, you’re probably seeing your doctor for another prenatal check-up. This is a very good time to have a review of your current diet with your doctor in order to evaluate your pregnancy health. The doctor will check your blood pressure, weight, urine and other vitals of the body. Your doctor might check your uterus and measure the height of your fundus which is located at the top portion of your uterus. Let your doctor know about the movements of your baby which are called quickening. The movement of your baby and the frequency of your baby’s kicks can help your doctor estimate the baby’s fetal age and the due date of your pregnancy. The doctor will also check your baby for abnormalities in her development.

During your 18th week of pregnancy, you might have an ultrasound or another ultrasound if you have one before that. An ultrasound will help you and your doctor in having internal images of your baby inside your body. In the ultrasound, you can have a better view of your baby’s head, heart, arms, brain, legs, genitals, spine and other developing parts of the body. 18 Week Fetus

By the 18th week of your pregnancy, an ultrasound can now reveal whether your baby is a girl or a boy. You will know the fetal age of your baby. You will know where your placenta is located and the amount of amniotic fluid inside your body. You will know the fetal position, breathing, movement and heartbeat of your baby. You will know how many babies you will be having and you’ll know the length of your cervix. These things can greatly help in your pregnancy and in the future when you will be delivering your child. So take good care.

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