A Mother and Her 18 Week Baby in the Womb

Oh! So now, your baby is already 18 weeks old in your womb. Your little one is developing one of the unique characteristics, fingerprints. There are pads of fat accumulating on the fingertips and the toes will also turn into distinguishing swirling lines. During the 18th week of pregnancy, the skeleton of your baby continues to harden. Her leg bones and the inner bones are the first to harden or it is what we call ossification.

Your little baby can now hear, might it be your heartbeat or when your tummy gurgles. He might as well hear loud sounds coming from outside the womb. You can now feel your baby move which might feel like little flutters. This is somewhat called quickening.  18 week fetus

So, how are you feeling? Do you feel dizzy sometimes? Yes, it is no wonder. Why? Your heart is working at about 40 to 50 percent harder than it was before you got pregnant. Then the pressure of your growing uterus on blood vessels can frequently leave you feeling faint, most particularly when you try to get up quickly. Just be sure that you gain enough rest. To increase circulation of blood throughout your body, you should have your proper position in lying down which is lying down on your left side. Another thing that you should check is your blood sugar. Low blood sugar can lead to wooziness.

As your baby is growing and developing inside your womb, make sure you eat the right kind of foods everyday. You should be eating enough foods rich in calcium such as yogurt, low-fat milk and cottage cheese. You should eat vegetables too like spinach and broccoli. Fruits such as pears, apples and strawberries are essential too. You must eat whole grains too like oatmeal and whole-wheat bread. Eat also foods rich in protein. Be healthy for your baby.

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