How a Mother Should Act When Carrying an 18 Week Old in Her Womb

In the beginning of a mother’s fifth month of pregnancy, it may be time to fully wear maternity clothes all the time. There are lots of very attractive maternity clothes nowadays that will accentuate or hide your pregnant belly. Besides, wearing your maternity clothes will make you really look pregnant, just in case for people who haven’t figured out yet that you are.

So, what’s the best position when you lie down at bed? It is best if you lie on your side or a little partly tilted to one side. It is not advisable to lie flat on your back because your uterus can compress a major vein. This may make you feel a little dizzy because less blood returns to your heart. You may try placing a pillow under your hip, behind you or under your upper leg for comfort. 18 week fetus

As days or weeks pass by, you may experience some annoying symptoms during your pregnancy such as indigestion, constipation and heartburn. Indigestion is caused by increase in the progesterone, as the hormone slows down the emptying of the stomach that will lead to lingering acid. Heartburn is mostly common in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and it is often the result of the increase in hormone progesterone. The increase of progesterone often results to loosening of the normal sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach that causes the acid in the stomach to move up to the esophagus. Thus, it results to burning pain in the chest and the upper stomach. In order to prevent heartburn, one must avoid deep fried fatty foods and also chocolates. Limit intakes of foods like cabbage, lettuce or broccoli. These kinds of foods produce excess gas that can worsen up your heartburn and indigestion. Pop these antacids. One must also avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol and sleep in a more upright position.

Have you had your ultrasound yet? An ultrasound is mostly scheduled between 16 and 20 weeks in order to check your baby’s development. At these weeks, the baby’s gender can now be detected and your due date is being double checked upon the progress of your baby’s development. Your doctor will also check your umbilical cord and the placenta. He will also take your baby’s measurements along with checking out your baby’s organs for any found abnormalities. An ultrasound is a painless procedure and will give you a beautiful view of your little baby. You can take home snapshots of your baby inside your womb as well.

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